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Event 1 50 Singles
Target & Trophies $15
Class Purse 1-5 High Gun $5
Trophies to Class Winners, (AA, A, B, C)
Lady, Junior, Vet
Event 2 50 Handicap Targets
Targets $15
25 Option $5
Purse Option $5
Special Event $5
Trophies to (3) Yardage Champions
$100 Added Money
Event 3 60 Bird Buddy (Per Person)
Targets $15
30 Option $5
Welton Pot $2.50
Special Event $5
$100 Added Money

Saturday, June 15th, 2013
Signup Starts at 8:00am
Shooting will start at 9:00am
Caldwel l Gun Club
21840 Pond Lane
Caldwell, ID 83607
(208) 459-2616

Take exit 26 for US 20 towards
Parma. Turn left on Pond Lane.
Shoot Notes
Special Event for both Handicap
and Buddy events wi l l be
held after the Singles Event .
Shooters may shoot the Buddy
Shoot twice (2) wi th different
partners. Al l buddy teams who
shoot one t ime wi l l be squadded
ahead of teams who shoot
The Wel ton Pot is current ly at
$625 and one half the pot wi l l
be awarded to any team who
plays the opt ion and runs a 60
straight in the buddy shoot . If
two teams t ie then the money
wi l l be divided.
Handicapping wi l l be done
by ATA and known abi l i ty. This
is a non-registered shoot but ,
wi l l be governed by ATA rules.
Management has the discret ion
to change or al ter the shoot
Legal trap loads ONLY wi l l
be used at this shoot .
Traps wi l l be set at start of
each event and wi l l not be
Ki tchen wi l l be
open for Lunch.
All proceeds from this shoot go
back to the shooters in form of trophies
and added money.
Special Event will be held after the
singles event for the handicap; and
after the handicap for the buddy

Free camper hook ups

fun and games on friday night $2 shoots

for a copy of the flier, pm me an email address

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Subject: Tony Welton Memorial June 14th at Caldwell GC

This is a great day with lots of shooters that come to pay tribute to Tony & the Welton family so don't miss it. The Friday night games before the Saturday shoot is a good time also and here are some of the things planned

The 50 bird progressive buddy shoot will end on that night and cash payouts will be given that night. If you have already shot it but cannot make it Friday night - no problem, you do not have to be present to win. There will be a print out on the board with up to date scores and the amount of the pot as of the June 11th shoot. The pot right now has $64 but is expected to grow considerably between now and the 13th.

There will also be a 8 bird single shooter 47 yd shoot for $8 with cash payouts

There will also be a 10 bird buddy from the 47 yd line cash payouts.

No Limits on shells in these shoots

Action starting at 6:00 PM with custers and other games afterwards

Camping spots available

For any questions about the Welton shoot, contact Stu - for questions about the Friday night shoot, contact Mark
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