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thot some of you might want to see a lil fund raiser we did at the club last sunday-
local rotary club held their annual 50 rock trap shoot fund raiser- mostly once a year shooters and hunters type event--
i was looking for something to fill in when shooters werent competing and something fun--
20 rocks thrown straight away as fast as we could ( there would be 4 rocks arched in the air )
2 man team with 10 shells each - first man calls pull and you hold thrower button with no stops for anything
it was a great crowd pleaser as we did it where everyone could watch and cheer
in 2 1/2 hrs we threw 1080 rocks @ $10 per team.
the kids loved it but got all gooofed up reloading as did adults -- most scores were 9 to 13 out of 20
click on the youtube link above and turn your volume up to hear as we shoot 17 score. also enlarge picture to see the targets!!! im on the right in red
wally riebesell. atchison county shooting sports. rock port,mo
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