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20 gauge hulls for sale?

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I am in need of 20 gauge hulls. Anyone have any to sell? Preferably AA or STS.
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Go to Precision Reloading, register & put them on your wish. I did, it took a month but they came through with plenty of STS hulls. For that matter go to any site that will email you when they’re in stock. Premium 20 g hulls don’t stay in stock for long so act quickly when they become available.

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I have about 750+ mostly Rem. Gun Club 20 gauge hulls for sale. There are some WW universal and Super Target hulls also. All of these hulls have steel bases.
I would need $10.00 plus shipping for these. I had a problem sending a pic on the PM msg.
Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this.
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