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2 many All American trapshooters

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I am a long time shooter who has admired the All American Status shooters since my first trip to the Grand in 1957. In the 60's--70's--80's being an all american was a real honor & status symbol. There were probably 50 or so A.A. shooters listed in those years. Unknown shooters like me were thrilled just to see or talk to one. Reading my Feb. T&F magazine,I was amazed to see somewhere between 200-250 shooters listed as all americans(lost count). Yes, most of these are excellent shooters. where do we draw the line on so called all americans? I feel they have cheapened the term with numerous shooter we have never heard of. And no I'm not jealous,envious of some,yes.
Clyde Doll
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There are only two men teams 20 guys, same for women, and you have all the other age groups.
40 shooters isn't a huge number. If it were easy, guys like me might have a chance. I know a few AA's and have been privileged to shoot with them..and a couple of HOF members. Sounds like you're having a slow day...

If it makes you feel any better...I can tell you I know one guy who will never add to the end! ; ))
jktphd. You can`t take a break for sex ? Mike
If you think it's so damn easy have at it. Most of the additional numbers came with the new classes.

The rewards are huge - a hat and a moments recognition in T&F.

Do yourself a favor and unplug your computer, your not making yourself look to good.

Quick question, if a shooter earns even a single AA point are they considered an All American? Just wondering if there is a difference.

"Unknown shooters like me were thrilled just to see or talk to one."

That line makes me laugh. I don't think you are alone, however! Something I learned a long time ago is that seeing an All-American is not like a birder seeing a Whooping Crane. They are men and women just like anyone else and the odds of seeing one are pretty good! hahah.

I respect the skill that these top shooters have, whether it be from hard work or raw talent. I think you will find that hard work goes along with each of the
All-Americans before they ever reached that pedistal that you've placed them on.

Calvin MD
You & I are about the only ones that didn't make it.
Clyde how many AA points did you have??????

I ask because you like I don't have enough targets in the last ten years to meet target requirements.

"In the 60's--70's--80's being an all american was a real honor & status symbol."

What were the requirements to be an AA in the 60, 70, and 80's??? Now you must compete in the Grand as well Satellite Grands, Zone Shoots, State Shoots and any tournaments that have more than 600 shooters. Also needed is target requirements.

So what were the requirements back then.

Bob Lawless
There is a series of questions about the size of the AA team included with the ATA survey at for those of you interested in having your voice heard by those that can make a change.
Jim Lemmons
Hmmm? Ask me if I care if I ever make All long as I win some shells or a turkey or few pounds of bacon..I'm as American as I need to be
But you have to commend those that are, committment, ability, hard work and great averages, self control with concentration, willing to travel, and yes it takes money. But my opinion is "wow" great shooting LAdies and Gents who make All-American team, my hat goes off to you, Excellant Job, at a dam fun sport. Scott
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