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1100 Trap Gun Plug

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For those of us that own an 1100 or maybe other auto loader trap gun; about a month ago I was cleaning/ oiling my guns. Got out the 1100 Trap T and pulled the barrel off. As I did so the mag end cap shot across the room. I picked the end cap and the spring and realized that the mag never had a plug in it. In Illinois and I'm sure other states max capacity for hunting is three rounds in the gun, with out the plug the gun holds (5)?. The problem is that with the various barrel's I have for the gun for the last 40 years I've hunted with the gun not knowing I was breaking the law.I bought a plug and new end cap from Brownells. You may want to check your auto loaders and or pump guns if you take them in the field.
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Bruce? Are you saying that you have the same magazine spring for 40 years? I can't beleive that an 1100 is still acting as more then a single shot with an original magazine tube spring. I hope you ordered a new spring at the same time. P.S If you have not put in your order yet, let me know and I will send you a plug. I have a ton of them. Jeff
Jeff, the gun has never failed to load or fire; and yes I put in a new mag spring when I replace the mag cap and put in the plug. Thnaks for your kind offer
A pencil works ,cut to the right length. Jeff
Glad you never got a ticket Bruce. Here in Oregon they will write you a fat ticket for that violation. I got one when I was 16 and it was 153 dollars THEN.

I had loaned my gun to aguy who took the plug out and I never thought to check it. I only had three shells in the gun at the time he checked me. Now.. Who knows how much it might be. Jeff
Jeff, I assumed that like my other auto and pump gun that the plug was in place when I bought it new. Never thought to see if the plug was in place, yes I was lucky for sure.
I live in the Great State of Iowa no plug required for Upland hunting, Just for Waterfowl.
I think that is pretty much the case everywhere. I think the 3 shot rule only applies to waterfowl. In our state it does anyway.Jeff
I have an1100 20 gauge I recieved in 1974 when I graduated from 8th grade. It has taken hundreds of quail( back when there was plenty), doves and rabbits. I now only use it for sporting clays and 5-stand. I have only had to replace the O-ring twice and have never changed the mag spring. Still shoots and cycles as fast as I can pull the trigger.
A new pencil with the ereaser cut off is a perfect length plug for a Rem. 1100 or 870 and you can remove it by taking off the cap and dumping it out the front.

Big Jack
I think you need a magazine plug for doves as well.
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