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1100 Primier Sporting 12 GA

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No regimen of today’s shotguns have won more titles, or are better equipped for the high-volume elite shooters. Prepare to see record scores crushed at a rapid rate by our latest upgrade to the lineup – the new Model 1100™ Premier Sporting series. Featuring nickel receivers with intricate fine-line embellishments and gold accents, they’re as aesthetically impressive as they are sweet to point and shoot. Gold triggers and a custom Premier Sporting hard case complete the package.

The Premier is offered alongside our original Model 1100 Sporting shotguns. Both the Model 1100 Sporting and Sporting Premier series offer discriminating shooters 12, 20, 28 and 410 options with semi-fancy American walnut stocks and fore-ends, vent-rib Rem™ Choke barrels and four extended chokes as standard equipment.

Key Features:
  • Nickel-plated receivers with gold inlay
  • New fine-line embellishments
    on receivers
  • Gold triggers and gold embellishments
    on receivers
  • Gun Firearm Trigger Air gun Airsoft gun
    Gun Firearm Trigger Air gun Shotgun
  • Obviously description off Rem. Website however this gun is 95-98% Will take $1000.00 Shipped & Insured
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Sorry for the late replies.............busy
Bob in Grand Rapids I will call you today.
Located in Sunny / Warm Orlando ( Sorry Bob in Grand Rapids LOL )
LOP = 14 1/4 nothing has been altered
Barrel = 28"
Again sorry for the delays in responding. Jim W

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I would like to buy this gun. Sent you a PM
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