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101 with Winchoke

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I have a Winchester 101 Diamond Grade upper single, with 34" barrel, with the win chokes. The barrel is ported and is very mild to my shoulder, not much recoil in my opinion. The question is is the forcing cone on this shotgun lengthened at the factory? Also is it back bored? Thanks for your assistance.
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I have owned 3 of them in Diamond grade, two of the 3 had the forcing cones lengthened after market, one still has the shorter factory forcing cones. They are not back bored or lengthened by the factory to my knowledge. Scott
Scott, thanks for the reply. Could you tell any difference in pattern with the forcing cone lengthened or the recoil?
Not a lot of difference, the only advantage, is in "felt or percieved" recoil and this is very contraversial. I had one that was not a Diamond grade, I over bored it and had chokes installed. I would not do that again, instead of making your patterns bigger it is better to learn to shoot small and hit big. The choke winchester puts in that gun (fixed full .040 constriction) is a great recipe for gaining yardage. My 101 unsingle Diamond grade with that choke, got me to the 27 yard line, but I could not keep a release trigger in it. Works great pull trigger, and I still have that gun but I will sell it. I have since moved to a Perazzi MX 10 combo. All fixed chokes and work done by Tom W. Precision Gold double release. Scott
Have to agree with Scott - great gun but release triggers seem to end up not releasing and turn back into pull.

As far as forcing cones and back boring (and porting for that matter), I sincerely think it is all bunk. It is if anything marginal gains that are difficult if not impossible to perceive. However, after spending the money, I am sure they owner can tell;-). Lighter loads are the best solution. Period.
I also have a diamond I have shot for years. But in the last year I have went to the SX-1. I have measured several diamond bores and all I have see measure .735,734. Bill
If I remember correctly, the Diamond Grade over single was .735 bore.

With a standard 12 ga bore of .729, The over single was one of the 1st factory "overbored" barrels.

My American Flyer Winchesters had the forcing cones factory lengthend and I thought the factory literature advertised long forcing cones too.

I think Winchester helped start it all, when it comes to factory dimensions being "altered".
After doing some research using original Winchester/Classic Doubles catalogs and brochures it appears that 101's with overboring and long forcing cones did in fact start with the DG oversingle.

There's no mention made of either in years previous to the introduction of the top single. Towards the end of production before Winchester sold their interests to Classic Doubles several other models in the line had factory modified barrels as well. Matter of fact, the late production guns also had some of the best wood and engraving patterns the series had seen.

My top single is from one of the last runs made and has the internal barrel mods along with factory porting, an adj. length of pull trigger, and flush mount Winchokes.

any body know if they made a top single conb0 34 32? looking for one, i have a diamond grade bottom combo and would like a top, thanks steve pm me
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