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$10,000 at Spring Grand Handicap

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Looks like Marvin Swearinger will have a shot at that $10,000 handicap purse. You must break 100 straight in an handicap event to win.
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Sam, read the program again.

jim brown
I would bet that nobody feels worse than Mr. BEUMER. He shot the only 100 straight on the main handicap. If the scores posted are correct, he unfortunately didn't shoot the first handicap event to be eligible. Major bummer, but great shooting from the 27. There is one more chance next Sunday and I hope somebody can get the next one.
My son was the young man from Lindenwood University that dropped his last target for the $10k a few years ago, he was the last shooter on the last squad of the day. Congrats Mr. Beumer...Still good shooting!!! from the 27

krieghoff200.... Steve White
If I read the rules correct...Ray Stafford isn't eligible to win the $10,000 because he is a former olympic participant.( shooter )
That's correct.
I think it was last year or the year before when Ray Stafford broke the 100 in the handicap and though not eligible Mr Bill Martin still made it worth his while, or so rumor has it ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
Regardless of Marvin's chagrin about not shooting the required number of targets, he broke his first ace from the 27 and earned his GRAND SLAM!

WhhhoooooHooooo! Marv. Great job, Baby!
Congrats Marvin on your 100 straight and especially on your Grand Slam. Scott
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