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$10.00 / 100 & WE PICK UP HULLS!

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Now that's a refreshing consideration, running a shoot to cater to shooters.

One thing I have wondered that no one has brought up: If a shooter were to trip and fall on hulls, what then? No answer needed, as he/she probably should not have a gun in the first place.

I've been shooting for 30 years and we tend to forget who pays the bills. My next fear is that I'll be required to shoot in a suit and tie.
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This is good. If the club can throw targets at that cost super. I shoot at a club
that charges $2/round for practice. They have two new GMV traps and 800 members
who pay dues. Thier bank account is full. Maybe this club in WVa is in that condition. Good management.
As for Oleolliedawg running a successful club. Well everyone is entitled to
thier opinion. Who sets your targets oleo? LOL
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