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1 oz. loads withAA hulls

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18.5 grains GD 1oz pink claybuster wad
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fed primer
18gr red dot for 1200 fps
19.5gr red dot for 1250 fps
The green dot load is it, can't get red dot anymore unless you want to buy it by the #
I don't load what you are using, as I had terrible crimp issues with the CB 1100-12 and 8100-12 wads. I have switched to the downrange red 12A1 wad , 17.3 gr of clays or amer select, win 209 primers ( $$$, but my choice) and the new type of AA. I use a mec 9000 and no matter how I adjusted the cams it left a shot hole in the shell. Now with the DR wads they are fine. The gun clubs with the same powder loads and primers using an 8100-12 wad are better. Contents for your info only.
I too load on a 9000E with no issues on crimps.
I load old and new style AA's, STS, Gun clubs, & Nitros
I think it just needs tweeked on the adjusments....Ron
If you like the Alliant "dot" powders, you might want to consider Clay Dot. Pretty good for 1 oz loads.
I agree 22hornet, I have changed from greendot to clay dot using less powder
I load with Clay Dot also, use the down range XL1 wads, 18.5 Clay Dot, with AA, and Remington, set the first crimp die to the AA and load both the AA and Remington shells for that setting, I shoot Trap, Sporting clays with the 1 o unce loads.

If you do you work, IT shoots where you point the gun, not where you think you are pointing.
Have not heard anyone mention Clays....
I'm using it for 1 oz...I think I'm throwing 17.5grn
Only 12 and a 1/2 grains of Clays for a 1 oz load??

I'd be surprised if the powder stayed lit long enough to get the wad to the muzzle!

claybuster pink wads,18.3 grains greendot,cheddite primers(I know you don't use cheddites)but other ingrediants should work.

Doug H.(pa)
" I use a mec 9000 and no matter how I adjusted the cams it left a shot hole in the shell."

I use a 9000 also and had no problems with the 1 1/8 oz claybuster wads. When I went to the pink 1 oz wads I started having trouble. What I did was to increase the wad seating pressure to just above 40 and lowered the pre-crimp 1/2 turn, then lower the cam to max down. I also lowered the radius stage 1/2 turn down as well.

I'm loading 17.7 gr Clays, win 209, 1 oz #8, and the pink claybuster wad in an AA hull.
I load on a 9000 h use red dot 19.2 grains Spolar gold 1 oz. wad win 209 primer old and new AA hulls and have not had any issues. I only use the Spolar wads for my reloads and never have any of the issues I continually hear of on here? Cory
<blockquote><I>"I use a mec 9000 and no matter how I adjusted the cams it left a shot hole in the shell."</i></blockquote>Try the smooth cone crimp starter that MEC sells for paper hulls. Works like a charm on PW loaders.

Fio616 or Win209, 16.0gr Clays, Claybuster 1100. Very soft shooting.
Here is my AAHS 1 ounce load with Clays...

WW209 Primer
WAA12SL wad
1 oz Lead #8 or 7 1/2
17.5 grains of Hodgdon Clays
Velocity ~ 1,195 fps
Pressure was reported to be 9,500 PSI

You can move the powder up to 19.0 grains to get near 1,250 fps with 10.800 psi pressure

Load is in the Lyman SHotshell Reloading Handbook 5th edition.

A nice economical and accurate load at 17.5 from the 16 to 20 Y lines.

See less See more's not 12.5 grn it's 17.5 grn...of Clays
never mind...
:)Rocky's not 12.5 grn it's 17.5 grn...of Clays
never mind...
I just loaded this this past weekend in prep for league this week with 18.5 grains Green Dot, 1oz CB-1100-12 pink Claybuster wad and Win209 primers...
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