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  1. For Sale
    Used & repaired Zoli Z-Gun or Kronos adjustable sporting forend. 14.5" LOP over new Kickeez pad. This is the "A" stock, with comb. As per catalog, DAC is 1.57" and DAH is 2.17". Repair: split in wrist along the grain, both sides of trigger cutout, starting about 1" from rear . Was...
  2. For Sale
    I have three 12 ga Muller Featherlight chokes for Zoli barrels. U0, U1, and U2, all clean and in excellent condition. Left over after selling the Zoli. Must take all three. $120 for all three, shipped to your address in the contiguous U.S. PM me with questions, or post “I’ll take it” to get...
  3. For Sale
    This beautiful gun is in excellent condition, with deep bluing and great figured wood. Imported to the U.S. before Zoli USA had a presence, the LX980 in the same as a Zoli Kronos, but with a 10mm parallel rib (much like the remarkable Browning Broadway rib) and red fiber optic front bead...
  4. Shooting Related Discussions
    Looking for advice on the Zoli Z Sport. I’m considering purchasing a Zoli and want to hear your thoughts on the difference between the Z and a Beretta DT 11. I’m in the market for a 30” sporting.
  5. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Looking for a 30” barrel for my Zoli that currently has a 32” barrel with 11mm Non-tapered rib. Barrel from a Z-sport, Kronos, or Verona LX980 would all work. Willing to buy or swap for my 32” barrel. PM if interested. Thanks, Dave
  6. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Looking for Muller chokes for Zoli 12 ga. Need U2 and U3 for sure, interested in U1 if available. PM me if you have some to sell. Thanks Dave
1-6 of 6 Results