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  1. My TronSpace Soft Comb Duplicate

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    As I stated in another thread, I decided I needed to lower my comb for proper fit, but it was already bottomed out. Options were to have the wood taken down, or have a duplicate soft comb made, but shorter. Since the stock has nice wood, I decided to have Tron make a soft comb, and asked him to...
  2. Big Shoutput for Tron

    I sent him my 391 Trigger Group so he could fix/ bend the shell lifter ro correct misfeeds. It went out and came back via USPS . Total time ...7 business days!!!!!! Tron , if you read this can you let us know your specialty under the " General Repairs" service offering on your website.
  3. Been gone a while..

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    I have been absent for a while. (Medical) When I came back everything was different. Thanks to the tutorial I am re learning. I have seen a few names that I recognize and sure there are more. It's going to take a while to get used to everything but I enjoy the threads.. Going to have more...