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tri-star tt15

  1. Tri-Star Top Single "Underbarrel Rib" (stiffener?) Has Come Loose

    My TT-15 Top-Single has a full-length under-barrel rib (or maybe a stiffener?) that has come loose. Appears to have been attached with some sort of adhesive stuff. First of all, not sure what this thing fact, it does not show up on any on-line photos that I've found for a TT-15...
  2. The New Tri-Star TT-15 Unsingle W/ Adjustable Butt Plate

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    I'm curious on a few things... 1. Do only the NEW TT-15 come with the factory adjustable butt plates? 2. It appears the NEW TT-15 stock with the adjustable butt plate is quite different than the gun that doesn' that the case? (it looks taller to me) 3. What is the main difference from the...