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    I am new to this forum and relatively new to trap shooting. I recently purchased three guns from a neighbor who was moving; two vintage Remmington 870 TB's and an 1100. I also purchased 14 cases of reloaded ammo from another neighbor who was an active participant in Kansas City KCTA trap...
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    Any way of modifying this gun with removable chokes for trap. Have used it exclusively for skeet. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you
  3. Shooting Related Threads
    I'm curious to what gun setups good shooter use. "FOR SINGLES" You read a lot of difference of opinions I'm wanting to know.. 1. What make of gun 2. What type of loader, break open or something else 3. Single barrels or o/u (or sxs) 4. High rib or low rib 5. Set up for POI 6. Shots...
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    My 14 year old son recently finished his Distinguished Expert NRA award. He started shooting 12ga TRAP one year ago with a beat up, used BT-99. We occasionally shoot skeet and I bought him a Beretta X400 Xplor so he could shoot the doubles. He's not very strong, with little upper body strength...
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    Mint Condition Kolar MAX T/S - 34 Inch Choke Tubed Barrel, adjustable point of impact, 32 Inch Choke Tubed Over and Under Barrel with adjustable point of impact, Forend wood and hardware and Number #2 stock with adjustable pad, 5 stainless choke tubes, wrenches, gun case, purchased new in April...
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    Rottweil Single Trap, 12 GA O/U Unsingle with high rib, great gun in good condition, slight scratch on stock and on scuff on top of rib. One-owner gun, very little use since purchased. Gun is 100% stock, no changes or modifications made to any part of the gun since purchased new. For those...
1-6 of 6 Results