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  1. Want to Trade Caesar Guerini 34" Un-Single for 34" Top Single

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Want to Trade a Caesar Guerini Trap Summit 34" Un-Single for the same but a 34" Top Single. Let me know if interested. Thanx arnold55
  2. Found Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Top Single barrel

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Looking for Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Top Single barrel 34"
  3. Verona LX680

    Shooting Related Threads
    I have the opportunity to buy a Verona LX680 single barrel trap gun. It has an adjustable comb and adjustable butt plate. The gun is in really nice shape and appears to have been shot very little. I am curious what a fair price is for one of these guns as I have found very little current info...
  4. Sold Kolar Trap Single Left Hand

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    Up for sale is a Kolar Trap Single in excellent used condition. It has both pull and release triggers and a Wenig left hand stock. (Has proper cast and cant for a left handed shooter, not just a palm swell) It also comes in a Kolar Americase with all the accessories. Please see the pictures as...
  5. Tri-Star Top Single "Underbarrel Rib" (stiffener?) Has Come Loose

    My TT-15 Top-Single has a full-length under-barrel rib (or maybe a stiffener?) that has come loose. Appears to have been attached with some sort of adhesive stuff. First of all, not sure what this thing fact, it does not show up on any on-line photos that I've found for a TT-15...
  6. Sold Perazzi MX-8 Type III 34" Top Single w/ Add-A-Rib PRICE DROP

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    For Sale Perazzi MX-8 Type-III 34" top single, choked full. Comes with fore stock and hardware and a 1/2" add-a-rib. I had them add a mid bid to the add-a-rib for an extra $20 bucks I took the add-a-rib off because I could not get my stock comb high enough for what I wanted. The stock and...