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  1. Help identifying old Superposed with side plates

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    Here is a few pictures of an FN Browning Superposed with a solid rib and side plates. I won it in an auction before the COVID lockdown and I finally got it to my local FFL for transfer. The serial number of this gun is in the 62xxx range which dates around 1958. I tried to look up the different...
  2. Superposed Under Barrel Choke Tighter than Over???

    I started using a micrometer to measure the size of the choke on a number of my safe queens. Of course, there were a couple of surprises ( including mistakes from my younger days ) The most interest find is a 1959 Superposed that have a tighter choke with the under barrel than the upper. My...
  3. Browning B25 unfinished stock for older Long Tang U-inlet Superposed ?

    I have an older Superposed with LTRK U-inlet that was made around 1959. Really good & light gun in great condition except the previous owner had shortened the stock. I kept the gun in that configuration in case my wife or daughter wants to try shooting trap. After 10+ years, I am ready to give...
  4. Removable Superposed Forend ??

    I won a 32" Broadway Superposed Barrel from an eBay Auction many many years ago. It sat in the corner waiting for me to collect additional parts etc. The rib height of the broadway barrel is the same as a 28" SK/SK barrel on another fully functioning Superposed, which is a gift from my wife...
  5. Browning Superposed

    I have a 1954 Superposed Gr lV which I have shot a lot over the years. Recently, while shooting at the range I find the gun difficult to break open. This started after I had the hinge pin replaced and was wondering if it could be the firing pins are holding in the primer. The gun opens fine...
  6. For Sale Browning Superposed Broadway Trap with Anton Stock & Fore-End

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    “Pigeon Grade” 12 Gauge, Long Tang, 30” Barrels & No Barrel address, F. & I. M. Chokes, Condition is 98%! Beautiful Custom Anton stock and Beaver-Tail Fore-End, very high grade wood, Monte Carlo rollover comb for Right Hand shooter. This is a very fine stock made by the famed stock maker R.J...