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  1. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Just bought a 270 model 70 with cut stock. Would prefer to have buttplate attached.
  2. Gunsmithing
    So I was lucky enough to purchase one of Jim Oliphant's trap and skeet sets a bunch of years ago, and at the time he fitted me for the trap barrel and the skeet barrels. First time out with the gun, second proper round of trap in my life (lots of informal shotgun shooting) and I broke 24...
  3. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For sale is a Remington synthetic stock and forearm. This will not come with the stock bolt or the buttpad. $60 shipped in the continental US.
  4. Shooting Related Threads
    What manufactures choose their forend wood from the same tree as the stock vs just pulling ‘close matches’ from different bins? Specifically, is there a grade of wood where the forend and butt stock will be a matched set? i think Krieghoff could have done a better job matching on this one...
  5. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    If you have an extra one sitting around, I am interested in a Krieghoff factory K80 forearm piece in English Walnut, no cracks. Any contour is acceptable. I would like a piece with some figuring. I will pay $200-$400 depending on what quality and condition you have.
  6. Shooting Related Threads
    I saw Vern (past owner of PFS) at Silver Dollar Shooters Club today and he told us he sold his company...l was surprised... I am not sure who took it over, but, I wish Vern all the best in his retirement and the new owner good fortune also. I like my PFS...
  7. Shooting Related Threads
    I'm refinishing a stock for a competition shotgun and am considering Minwax Wipe On Water Based Polyurethane for the gloss clear coat. Has anyone used it for their clear coat and if so, can you comment on the durability? I understand water based poly is not as strong as oil based, but I have...
  8. Shooting Related Threads
    Just a quick question for anyone with a factory K-80 #6 trap stock with adjustable comb. Not the TS stock. Assuming its unaltered could you please post the weight? Just about to start a project and wanted some information before KI opens Monday. Thanks again in advance!
  9. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    I am looking for an uncut Monte Carlo or stock that has an adjustable comb for a AL303. thanx Mike
  10. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For sale this MX-8 stock. I purchased a BD81 from a friend and he had purchased this stock from Rods Custom Stocks and put it on the gun. This is for a higher rib gun than my older MX-8 o/u The length of pull is around 15" but can be adjusted. The R.A.D. system recoil system is really nice. The...
  11. For Sale- Participating Members only
    This is an absolutely gorgeous stock In excellent condition. I believe the wood was an upgrade from stock Kolar other than that I don't know much about it other than it fit and held well when I shot with it. Sold the gun and the buyer didn't want this stock. Stock pad is also on it.Please let me...
  12. Gunsmithing
    Hello, first time post here. Just looking for advise/parts for a recently dropped (by my son) Browning Double Auto. Don't know many people with smithing experience on these guns, but I'll ask anyway. I've got an early model standard weight. Steel receiver, aluminum trigger guard (I assume...
  13. Trapshooters Vendor Marketplace
    Want to adjust a stock, but don't want to change the current one. Here is your chance to get some items at a good price. Reasonable offers considered Perazzi TM1 $125 plus actual shipping -you choose type of shipping UPS, USPS standard or priority Guerini Trap stock with adjustable butt plate...
  14. Gunsmithing
    Anyone know what type of finish there would be on a Browning Citori Skeet Special, I think it was made in the 80's-90's? I've read it's probably varnished, but not sure. The butt stock is starting to get a bit tacky on hot humid days. I'd like to clean it properly and I'm not quite sure of the...
  15. Gunsmithing
    the plate that holds my adjustable comb on my browning XT has broke. The company that made the plate has went out of business so I can’t order another. Should I just buy a new stock or have a gunsmith put a new system in?
  16. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Citori stock, Type 3, short tang. Neutral cast, with adjustable comb and Jones adjuster recoil pad. High gloss finish. In very good condition. Taken from Citori skeet gun, but with adjustable comb is ideal for Special Sporting Clays and Crossover (CX) Citori guns as well. $500 + shipping.
  17. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For sale I have a Kolar stock. It comes with the bolt and a butt pad I had laying around. Let me know if you need any other info or specific photos. I can also accept credit card payments (the buyer pays 3% processing fee). The cast looks to be neutral. The LOP with the trigger in most rear...
  18. Shooting Related Threads
    Does anyone have experience with Model 12s with English stocks for clays shooting? My 16 gauge has an original style semi-pistol grip stock in fair but serviceable condition. I see there are straight gripped replacement stocks out there. I get the benefit of that type in a sxs but was...
  19. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    I am looking for a LEFT handed 12ga Citori stock, preferably with CAST ON up to 3/8". Palm swell or not. Must be short tang. If you have one that you can part with, please let me know. Thanks, Dave
  20. Gunsmithing
    My grandfather recently passed away and he left me his Perazzi MX-3. It is a beautiful gun, but it has a bit of wear on the wood. Is it possible to buy a new stock and forend for this gun or will I have to buy something used? What are my options?
1-20 of 27 Results