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stock fitting

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    Hello all: I am a left hand shooter who just purchased his first Beretta 391. It's on its way to me now. I understand how shims affect the cast and drop of my stock. SX is for lefties, DX for righties. The 391 stock has a slight right hand cast. Cole Guns has four listed: 42.5mm 40/45mm...
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    What schools to people go to? Do they teach Stock Fitting anywhere?
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    I have been shooting very light loads in my 870 and have still been experiencing chest/shoulder pain. I took the recoil pad off the other night and after shouldering the gun without the pad I immediately found the problem. Getting the gun up to my face caused the stock to ride a little high on...
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    Hi everyone. So last year I got a browning citori 725 trap with the non adjustable stock because the deal was way too good to pass up. I shot all year with it and really enjoyed the gun and didn't do too bad however I feel I could do much better if I had an adjustable stock. I'm getting a lot of...
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    A guy at my club bought a semi auto. 2 inches were cut off the stock when he bought it. He has reattached the missing Piece. Is it safe to shoot???
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    I am not shooting at the grand, but Was thinking of coming up for a day if there were going to be stock fitters there to dial the rest of my stock in to what fits me by a professional. Will there be professional stock fitters there?
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    After getting married, selling my house, moving, and trying something different for work, I decided to open up Elite Custom Gunstocks again. I have a small shop in Orland Park IL that I just finished setting up and ready for business. If you have any gunstock needs or would like to schedule a...