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  1. Minwax Wipe On Water Based Poly

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    I'm refinishing a stock for a competition shotgun and am considering Minwax Wipe On Water Based Polyurethane for the gloss clear coat. Has anyone used it for their clear coat and if so, can you comment on the durability? I understand water based poly is not as strong as oil based, but I have...
  2. Changing the finish on a Browning Stock

    Hello All, Here is my problem. My 16 yr old shot my Browning 425 for a Sporting Clays Tournament and the fit and recoil left him black and blue. I recently purchased a replacement stock from Midwest Gun Works that I'm planning on adding a Danuser Counter Coil. I don't want to alter the...
  3. Hilmer Stock Finish

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    Does anyone know what type of finish that Paul Hilmer used/uses on his stock. I have one of his stocks that I found used that needs to be refinished. Thanks In Advance gspman Dave