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  1. Custom Stock Works

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    Hello Everyone! I've been shooting trap for over 12 years now and I am finally to the point of having a custom stock made for my K80. I have purchased absolutely beautiful wood and I am not able to find anyone in the area to make my stock. I am looking for a stock maker within Michigan or even...
  2. Changing Beretta stock

    I’m a youth shooter on the pacific coast recently been moving up. Last June I upgraded my gun from a BT-99 to a Beretta 692 XTrap and I have very recently been looking at acquiring a Beretta TSK stock for it. The catch is I can only find the one I want particularly for the DT series of shotguns...
  3. Sold K80 Trap Special Upgraded Stock and Forearm *Reduced*

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    ***SOLD*** K80 Trap Special Stock and Forearm Upgraded Wood $900 No scratches or dents. I bought it as a new take off from Bob Lowman in 2012. Looked at it once and locked it in the safe. I was having a problem with my son's StockLock and wanted it for a back up and never needed it. I have...