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  1. Want To Buy Spolar Reloader - Any Configuration - Any Condition

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    I would ideally like to purchase a pre-owned Spolar reloader with all 4 competition gauges but will consider any setup. The more accessories the better! Please feel free to message me to discuss further. Thank you to all, Alex
  2. Spolar detent adjustment

    This came up in another thread, starting a new one as to not hijack..... Bought my Spolar used about 18 months ago. I notice that when looking at powder bottle from front, I can wiggle it a little bit side to side, (Meaning tipping the bottle side to side) and the bottle holder will rock side...
  3. Spolar Gold reloader and primers

    What primers do you use in your Spolar reloader? Do Cheddites work?
  4. Win 209 primer in STS or Nitro 27 with Spolar

    I have a spolar I use for 12 gauge. It really does a nice job. I have 1000s of AA hulls and load them once and then done because my stepdaughter keeps me in good supply of once fired hulls. When she goes off to college I will start loading them 2-3 times and be done. When Spolar set this up...
  5. A very Spolar Christmas!!

    I had to serve as my own Santa CLause this year, and picked up a 4-Gauge Spolar loader. It's #2975. I knew the owner of it for a long time, but he quit shooting skeet a couple years ago, and I just learned of it being for sale recently. He threw in several 1000's of DownRange wads (which I've...
  6. New Spolar website

    I tried to get on the Spolar website today, but most of it seemed blocked. I could tell it was new or updated. Got home from work, and able to get to all the pages. It is nicely updated, and there is a page with "new products" which includes an L.E.D. Light, the magnetic shell seating head, and...
  7. Progressive Press - Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on a progressive reloader will be used to roll ammo for 3-4 shooters. Which press would you purchase? If I've overlooked a manufacturer, please comment. Thanks.
  8. Want To Buy Spolar 410 die set---Found a set.

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    WTB Spolar 410 die set.
  9. For Sale Spolar reloader for sale

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    Excellent Spolar for sale $1400. Tuned up with all options and extra bushings. Will ship in original factory container or local pick up Atlanta, GA area.