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  1. For Sale- Participating Members only
    (2) Precision Fit Stocks used on MX 2000 with drop out trigger. (1) right hand grip. Both for $1500.00 plus shipping costs. CONUS.
  2. For Sale- Participating Members only
    One used Briley Invector Plus Spectrum 12 gauge Light Full Extended choke for sale. $35 shipped to you. Condition is very good - only used a couple of times.
  3. For Sale- Participating Members only
    On offer a very serviceable 1 1/8" standard pad. I took this off a gun I purchased that I needed to reduce the LOP which I did by installing a new, 3/4" Kickeez trap pad. This pad was on an over-size custom stock and should easily fit any factory stock. It is approximately 5 3/8" long and 1 7/8"...
  4. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Very low mileage sweet 16 with 3 ds invector chokes. Ic, mod, full. Has 1 aftermarket skeet choke.Has everything it came from factory with. Shims for cast on the stock an spacer for added lop. Beautiful nearly flawless gun. I took it dove hunting 2x is all i remember using it. Pics speak for...
  5. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Winchester Model 12 Vintage and Nostalgia Shooter! This gun points and handles just lovely--like a Model12! It is beautifully engraved with deep engraving and silver inlayed birds and dogs. The stock is handsomely stocked using California Claro walnut. The work was performed by the stock maker...
  6. For Sale- Participating Members only
    I have a Remington 1100, 2&3/4, 12ga, Rem choke barrel. This barrel has been tuned by Balistic Specialties with lenghtened forcing cone, angle porting, and knock down pin. Barrel comes with 4 choke tubes 0 cyl, 3 sk, 5 sk, and 10 ic and is 28in long. It is in excellent condition with little use...
  7. For Sale- Participating Members only
    The Forum in this trap combo was a special run for Caesar Guerini. I purchased it new at the 2019 Grand and it has about 1000 rounds thru it. The gun shows minimal signs of wear, mostly just some slight wear on the gloss of the stock finish. I installed a Recoiless adjustable butt pad with a...
  8. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Giuliani trigger group purchased new three months ago as a backup. I’m still using my original Perazzi MX8 group. The group is the Perazzi style, non selectable, non adjustable and of course removable type. Gold blade. I have a picture of the bill of sales with my address, name, price, date and...
  9. For Sale- Participating Members only
    $50.00 shipped need a pic ill send it to your cell
  10. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For Sale: Perazzi MX trigger pull/pull - top / bottom firing order.... for Drop Out trigger models $575.00 shipped
  11. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Used Pilla Panther X6 with Post for sale. This is an Old Model in good condition. Comes with the case, Fabric pouch, 3 lenses (Pilla 50R, Pilla 55 & HDS Ballistic Lens 80). The post is glued to the frame, it could be adjusted but you have to remove the glue. The original rubber temple was frayed...
  12. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For Sale is a very nice Blaser F3 Baron Super Trap Combo with a 34" Un-single and 32" Over/Under. It comes with weights, chokes, tools and upgraded case. Length of Pull is the standard 14.625", and has grade 8 wood with an ISIS recoil device. The Baron receiver has removable side plates, and...
  13. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Everything needed to change to 20 ga. $300 plus shipping.
  14. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For sale 19 Dembart checkering tools. With these tools you are able to produce 18 -20 - 22 - 24 LPI checkering F1 C1 S1 (pull) 2-18 3-18 2-20 3-20 2-22 3-22 2-24 3-24 B2 B (pull) Cutters only 3-18 3-20 3-22 2-24 C-1 (2) $185.00 + $8.00 shipping
  15. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Selling my Browning Citori 725 unsingle. Purchased new from Guns Unlimited in late 2015. Has Graco adjustable comb and Graco Adjustable butt stock assy. 32" barrel, assorted Browning and Carlson chokes included. Also have original box. Approximate round shot through the gun is 2500. Tight as new...
  16. For Sale- Participating Members only
    1 year old. $150 to your door. Perfect condition.
  17. For Sale- Participating Members only
    We have traded for a nice Mirage,Including 28" barrels, full briley tubes set, 12gage briley choke tubes, 5 flush mount - 4 extended briley comp n choke.. Umberger custom wood - Graco adjustable recoil system- This is an older type 3 perazzi,with lots of life left in it. Asking 5500.00 plus...
  18. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Up for sale is a Vantage 32", round count at about 7k, and was originally purchased from Pacific Sporting Arms on Jan 2018. Bores and receiver are in great shape per pictures, and wood has some handling marks, but can't tell until you get really close to it - none are deep, just surface. Comes...
  19. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Have for sale one Perazzi Combo Case. Case will hold 2 high rib barrels with forearms in the upper compartment, up to 34". Stock and accessories in the main compartment. There is some felt separation in the main compartment and the wrist strap has come undone. Upper compartment is in good...
  20. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For sale, 16 checkering tools that will do 18 - 20 - 22 - 24 LPI checkering. Dembart F1 2-22 3-22 3-24 2-18 cutter only 3-18 cutter only 2-20 cutter only 3-20 cutter only Boarderer 60 degree Vernier 45 degree Vernier Gunline 2-24 S1 (45 degree) S18 S20 S22 The S tools are "pull". All others...
1-20 of 247 Results