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  1. For Sale
    I have a Browning XS Skeet in very nice condition. These are rare as I have found out that there were only 100 of these made in 28 gauge. It has been fired very little and is tight to break open. It has 30” barrels. I have the box and all of the original paperwork. $3500 Thanks
  2. For Sale
    Beretta 32" 692 O/U adjustable rib 14 5/8 lop Phillip's release pull ,low round count optima plus tubes ,a few dings but nice wood. $3695 plus shipping
  3. For Sale
    I have for sale a 30" O/U trap barrel that was part of a CG used trap combo that I recently purchased. I bought the gun to get the top single release trigger and will not be shooting the O/U barrel. The barrel is off a Magnus combo and looks to have been shot very little. I have patterned both...
  4. For Sale
    I have PW for sale, $300.00 + shipping/handling/insurance. Includes 2 shot bushings and 15 Hornady powder bushings.
  5. For Sale
    I have a Precision Fit Stock complete but with out a grip. It is in excellent condition with new Kick Ezz trap pad. The stock has been used very little. $700. Shipped Comes with all parts just no grip.
  6. For Sale
    SOLD PENDING FUNDS Dark Olive w/ black leather and mesh back. Only worn once to shoot. Made by Boyt.
  7. For Sale
    Black Pavillion USA Competition Storm Jacket. Good condition with no rips, tears, stains. Size Large. It is designed for a left-handed shooter. $80.00 ... shipped CONUS
  8. For Sale
    2010 Krieghoff Trap special bought very lightly used. PRO RIBS & Upgraded wood to super scroll w/ adjustable comb & butt pad. Wilkinson tuned barrels & chokes - .15 .20 .25(2) .30 & .35 & (backbored to .737). Asking 14,000. Gun is located in Arkansas. PM me if interested and contact info...
  9. For Sale
    cleaning out reloading room adjustable powder bar for Mec reloader Shuttle Bar Model C 25.00 shipped in lower 48 as of right now I cannot download pictures pm me for text pics Mac
  10. For Sale
    12 Ga. Will accept up to a 3 1/2" shell. Excellent condition,with only light handling marks on the synthetic stock. Barrel length is 32". Browning flush chokes ( IM M & Skeet) I purchased this gun to use for Trap shooting, but then switched to an O/U. Hard case included. $750 to your FFL
  11. For Sale
    Mx15 34inch barrels 18.7 bore. Wood is exceptionally figured, no scratches . Gun is tight with no assembly barrel ware. No galling in the mechanical hinge area. Gun was very well maintained . Percision gold double release very nice trigger installed and comes with the sale. $6800 will take it...
  12. For Sale
    Early Krieghoff M32 barrel (likely made of left over Remington 32 components since it has the diamond post Remington rib, but it has Krieghoff front and mid hangers). 655 serial number. Chokes have been opened, and are essentially cylinder and cylinder. 12ga, 2 3/4 chamber. $600 shipped in CONUS
  13. For Sale
    Release trigger, Pretty nice gun I acquired last week. I would say 90%. $1,095 plus $20 ffl and shipping from Oklahoma. Will consider trades +or- $$ up to $2k
  14. For Sale
    I have a Ithaca import MX 8 over/under for sale. This is a type 3 gun with 32 inch barrels that are untouched. The bottom barrel is 725 bore with 30 thousands choke. The top barrel is 725 bore with 44 thousands choke,the markings on the barrel are 18.4 for both barrels with 2 stars on the bottom...
  15. For Sale
    For sale 2 K-80 Titanium Skeet Choke Tube with Case. $190.00 shipped to continental USA. USPS Money Order or Cashier Check only. Chokes are in excellent condition.
  16. For Sale
    Hello everyone. I am selling 6 Optima extended 12ga. chokes as I've sold my Beretta and they are no longer needed. 4 are Angleport extended chokes with the following constrictions: 1) .020 Modified 1) .025 Improved Modified 1) .030 Light Full 1) .035 Full 2) Beretta Skeet SOLD PENDING FUNDS...
  17. For Sale
    All three items barely used. The sleeve has the name of one of the local clubs printed on it. Altogether $30 including shipping.
  18. For Sale
    Have a set of Briley's 12ga to 20ga tubes. One set of chokes in the tube. Don't know measurements. Price is $350 plus shipping/ins. PM me if interested.
  19. For Sale
    Browning 30 XT Gold safe queen Purchased new from Guns Unlimited over 10 years ago. Extremely low round count. Factory: porting, HiViz & Gracoil, Invector Plus chokes $3,500.00 plus shipping and insurance from Sacramento California. All local and federal laws will apply Please PM me and I will...
  20. For Sale
    K32 barrels, fits K80 also. Fixed chokes. .027 top .014 bottom Vandallia rib. 30 inches. Some blue wear under forearm, as is common for K32s. Ported. These are target smashers. Good, solid barrels. $1175.00 shipped, CONUS. Please pm me.
1-20 of 76 Results