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  1. For Sale
    Very nice and increasingly rare Beretta 390 sporting with 30” Mobil Choke barrel. Functions flawlessly. Receiver and barrel are excellent. Some handling marks on the buttstock, one on forend. 900.00 + 40.00 shipping to your FFL.
  2. For Sale
    My last piece of B carved Winchester wood. Skeet dimensions. 14 1/4" LOP over a Winchester buttplate. Has metal grip cap. Forearm is approx. 3/4" shorter than most. This is for a 12 gauge. Would like to get $900 out of it.
  3. For Sale
    Excellent condition Model 12 Trap . . . One of my favorites but it's time to pass it on . . . Asking $680.00 plus shipping from North TX To your FFL (in 2A friendly states) *****Not listed on any other site***** Click the picture to view large size . . .
1-3 of 3 Results