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  1. Sold (2) Shooting Vests - Browning & Beretta

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    Plenty of time to start listing all of dad's miscellaneous gear. Up first are the shooting vests: (1) Browning White/Grey - Size XL (1) Beretta Navy/Gold - Size US46 (I would call this a Large) I can throw in the Red, White & Blue BROWNING XL and the Black BERETTA XL in the pic as well but...
  2. Empty Lead Shot Bags

    Shooting Related Threads
    I am an incorrigible re-purposer Have you found uses for empty shot bags?
  3. free shot bags

    I have a collection of @ 47 shot bags( assorted manufacturers some old).The first interested responder that posts a PM gets them free and pays only USPS flat rate shipping ($ 18)