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  1. For Sale
    Great condition, less than two flats loaded. Bushings are 14, 16, 21 with a 3/4oz charge bar. $150 shipped.
  2. For Sale
    This is an exceptionally nice shotgun. It is a “Gallery Special” I bought a few years ago from one of the leading Beretta dealers. It has 28” CT barrels (3” chambers), an English stock with outstanding wood and a checkered wood BP. LOP is 14 ½” with slight cast-off for R/H shooter. It weighs...
  3. For Sale
    The Parker Story by Gunther, Mullens, et al.; hard cover 2 Vol Set; 1998; excellent condition. $325 PPD TYD CONUS. PM with any question.
1-3 of 3 Results