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  1. For Sale
    Two vintage Remington hand throwers. Includes one box. One thrower is in basically mint condition, the other has been used. you pay shipping from 48060.
    $70 USD
  2. Shooting Related Discussions
    New member here, so not sure of proper place to post this so I apologize if not done correctly. I am curious in the value of a Remington 3200 Premier I own that has never been fired. It is serial number RPI743XX, and was not one of the Belgium Engraved guns. It has 30" barrels top being Full...
  3. For Sale
    For sale is a Remington synthetic stock and forearm. This will not come with the stock bolt or the buttpad. $60 shipped in the continental US.
  4. Gunsmithing
    I have a Remington 11-48 in 28 gauge that I'm restoring. The wood has been sprayed with a coating that didn't level out very well and needs to be removed. My question is about the checkering, is the flat tops on this pattern original or has someone sanded them flat? I'm looking for suggestions...
  5. For Sale
    Don't shoot it anymore and need the room in the safe...Very nice 90T..34" Barrel, not ported, 4 way adj comb, adj butt plate. 14” LOP.. All updates and plating done by Doug Braker. .034 choke..Serial# 2534. Ships in a Remington hard case. Nice tight target smoker. $2250.00 shipped to your FFL...
  6. For Sale
    This is a complete set of six individually serial numbered Remington diecast metal cars. It is the game bird series. 1/34 scale 100.00 Delivered
  7. Gunsmithing
    Hello, I am new this forum but I recently bought some nice triggers and I am unsure what they are exactly and I was hoping someone here could assist. I was told they are for Remington 1100 or 11-87 one is a 12Ga and the other is 28Ga I will post some pictures and can take more if needed. Any...
  8. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I am in need of a good condition piston for a Remington Sportsman 58. If you have one you can part with for a reasonable price, please pm me. Thanks, Dave
  9. For Sale
    Remington SPR310 .410 O/U for sale. Fixed chokes F/M. Gun locks up nice and tight with lever right of center. Seems to be very well built and is nice and heavy. Nice dark wood. The metal is not banged up on it either. I am not the original owner, but have shot about 75 rounds through it...
  10. For Sale
    Looking to sell my HPAR. I've owned it since July, 2012 and had no problems in that time. If you'd like more information or photos please shoot me a PM and I'll respond as soon as possible. Willing to meet approximately 2 hours in any direction for sale (located in the LaCrosse, WI area)...
  11. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hello, I am a new shotgun shooter and need some help / advice. I bought a Browning Citori CX to use for Trap / Skeet / Sporting Clays, but find that after 50 or so rounds my cheek is so sore that I don't want to shoot it anymore. I sent the stock to Joe at TronSpace and he did a fantastic job...
  12. Reloading
    I am looking to duplicate this load. Anyone offer any suggestions? thank you
  13. Gunsmithing
    Hello: I used to be on this site a great deal years ago in the old version. There were some really knowledgeable folks on the Remington Trap auto loaders. I have heard it said the current 1100 version is actually a hybrid of sorts of the older 1100 and the not as old 11-87. My questions at...
  14. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Hello, I've had it with the Winchester AAHS Hulls, and am looking for some once-fired Gun Club, STS, or NITRO hulls to reload with. Thanks a lot, Chase
  15. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hi, I just moved to Paradise Valley Arizona. I shoot mostly trap and some sporting clays. I found the Ben Avery Clay Target center but I am looking for local clubs with some leagues to join. Thank you. Cheers
  16. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Anyone out there have a Remington barrel hanging around from forever ago? I have a shooting friend with a 1948 Remington 11-48D that is in need of both a barrel, and a barrel spring. This must be the previous model to the 1100, as it looks similar, but the barrel actually has a spring action...
  17. For Sale
    Foe Sale, Remington 3200 "non matching numbers" 12ga All up dates and up dated, up dates! In my opinion good shape. Has chip out of the bottom of the butt stock (see picture Bluing is nice except the trigger guard has wear from sticking it into the gun sheath. I purchased the gun from a guy at...
  18. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I am looking for a backbored trap barrel for my 1100. I would prefer an AnglePort, or one from a known barrel smith (Allor, Wilkinson, etc.). Just seeing what's out there. Thanks.
  19. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Hello. Im looking for a good condition 1100 receiver. I would like the 2 3/4 chambered one. Thanks! p.s. Pictures would be appreciated.
  20. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I'm looking for the Remington case that fits an 1100 G3 (or 870). Please send me some pictures and a price. Open to all offers. For reference I'm looking for the black one, not the green plastic case (as shown below): Thanks in advance! Austin
1-20 of 26 Results