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  1. Reloading federal gold medal papers

    Has anybody tried loading Winchester super handicap powder in Federal paper hulls? If so where did you find load data?
  2. Recommendations for soft shooting powders for use in older SxS.

    Looking for soft shooting powder for field use in older, lightweight guns. Will be loading 1 oz loads for less than 1200 FPS. Have always used PB for such, but like other good things, it has gone away. Thanks for your thoughts!
  3. Steel shot reloading

    Hey all, Sorry I’m pretty green at all the reloading stuff so any help is appreciated. Long story short I reloaded Win AA hulls and wads for a while with 700-x powder, 209 A primers, lead shot. Now I have to use steel shot (CA law unfortunately) and I’m trying to see if I can reload using the...
  4. Will this be a safe reload?

    Hey y'all, I have some left over stuff that I'm trying to use up, a little tight with money currently. I'll be reloading 20 gauge. I have Win AA hulls, CB1078-20 wads, 7.5 shot, Hodgdon Universal powder, and Federal 209a primers. Looking at hodgon's website there are a few loads that look like I...
  5. Reloading

    Is one brand of shot better than another? What does everyone prefer?
  6. Reloading wads

    What’s everyone thought on downrange wads compared to Claybuster wads?
  7. Mec 9000h

    I just got a used mec 9000h and was wondering how to check the oil level on the pump.
  8. Ammunition Availability

    Shooting Related Threads
    Where are you guys getting shells and lead? My suppliers for factory shells, Sports Authority and Walmart don’t carry them anymore. Online retailers I’ve found are either exorbitant or out of stock. Now my club operator can’t get lead. What’s going on and what should we expect?
  9. “The Stuff dreams are made of” WW452

    All the members here on this site have been great and very helpful thus far as I have taken up Trap shooting and reloading after a very long hiatus. I have and old can of WW 452AA ball powder. It is in good condition and working well in an old load set up of Winchester hulls and AA 1 1/8 oz...
  10. New to me MEC 9000GN

    I am just getting into shotshell reloading, and picked up a used 9000GN over this past weekend. I already load for my metallic cartridges, but I was wondering if there's anything I need to know that's different. I've been searching through old posts, and there is really a ton of information...
  11. For Sale Beautiful reclaimed shot1 26 Lb. bags super clean!$30

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    I just got in a couple tons of super clean reclaimed shot. Mostly #8 with about 20% 7 1/2's. I have reloaded a lot of this and it shoots great. I love it5 for singles and doubles...27 yard handicap is not it's strong suit, but back to 22-23 yards no problem. We don't ship but we'll be at the...
  12. Specialized Powder for High Velocity-Low Recoil a Unicorn?

    Remington Nitro 27 description: " Loaded with specialized powder loading that significantly reduces felt recoil while retaining high velocity - both factors allow avid trap shooters to stay fresh for the shoot off." This was on Midway: 12 ga, 2-3/4" #7-1/2, 1-1/8 oz, 6pt crimp at 1235'/sec...
  13. What Difference Between Different Hulls?

    Hi, I'm just beginning to reload....actually looking for my first progressive shotgun press, but what's the difference between cheaper hulls, like the inexpensive Federal loads I'm shooting and so Winchester AA Hulls? Do they just last longer or does it somehow alter the shooting...
  14. Promo powder

    I reload with promo gun powder using the same amount of powder as recommended by the chart for the shells I reload. How often do you check the load powder weight. During discussions at the club, I was told only check when you open a new container. I check the loads the a lot only to find the...
  15. Estate hull for reloading

    i have a number of Estate 28 guage hulls I would like to reload. I have only reloaded AA 12 and 20 guage hulls and do not know if Estates are suitable for reloading. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.
  16. For Sale Broken Target Machine - Consolidated Thread

    Trapshooters Vendor Marketplace
    In an effort to combat the seemingly endless clutter, I've decided to follow in JACK's footsteps and create a consolidated thread for the items I have for sale. Instead of bumping all of my listings, I will just bump this one as a catalog to my listed items. Just click on any of the links below...
  17. Federal Wads 12S0

    Got a new case of Federal 12S0 wads and they are jamming up my reloader when using Winchester compression hulls. I have used these for 20 years without a problem. After some bad words I found out that the wads that are causing the trouble have no wad mold numbers on them. Those with wad mold...
  18. For Sale Mec Hydraulic 12ga. With extras and components

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    Mec has the 200 round primer tray , a custom built shot container holds three bags of shot , load once a day . And load all day, was well maintained . There's lots of bags of magnum shot , at least twenty pounds of powder , over 5k primers and bags of wads. Will add a barrel of Remington hulls...
  19. Clays vs International Clays vs Titewad

    I've been reloading with Clays but I've found the new Clays to be subject to more static electricity problems than the old Clays. I get inconsistent drops using a powder baffle on my Mec 9000, varying by +/- .3 grains. Are International Clays or Titewad any better in this regard? It also looks...
  20. RCBS Grand Press

    Hi everyone. I just got a RCBS grand shotshell press. The powder bushing the press comes with is designed for federal gold medals with red dot powder. I have all Winchester AA hulls and can’t seem to find any load data in my book that uses that powder bushing with those hulls and no one has RCBS...