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  1. Want To Buy Spolar Reloader - Any Configuration - Any Condition

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    I would ideally like to purchase a pre-owned Spolar reloader with all 4 competition gauges but will consider any setup. The more accessories the better! Please feel free to message me to discuss further. Thank you to all, Alex
  2. Shot Reclaimed

    OK! ... here goes... any comments on using reclaimed shot... I have been using it and find it shoots well. How much difference over time will it hurt or not my equipment... Facts are better than "I think" it will hurt your reloader or gun... Thanks in advance for your impute., (Silver Dollar...
  3. Helpful tip wanted - Separate powder and shot

    On my bench I have a jar I dump mixed shot and powder into from my bench and floor when I clean up or bad reload. I’m looking for an easy way to recover the shot and not so much the powder. Does anyone have an easy solution? Ok let’s see how bad this goes.
  4. Hornady Apex Parts

    Can anyone help with repairs or know of a business that has parts for the Hornady Apex loader? The sizer on station 1 has the spring wrapped around it. The sizer falls apart about every 30 rounds or so, one of the three pieces simply falls out. I called Hornady, whom are normally extremely...
  5. Reloading data for Federal Paper Hulls and 700X Powder - 1 ounce

    I am researching a load for a friend. He has a lot of Federal paper once shot hulls and likes 700X powder. I checked the Hodgdon's Reload Data but saw no entry for a 1 ounce load with Federal Paper Hulls. Any other trap shooters that may have found data for such a load. Thanks
  6. Sold Pending Funds .223/5.56 ONCE FIRED BRASS(800pcs)

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    I have 800pcs of 5.56/.223 brass I have no use for. I used to shoot a lot of rifle and pistol and saved it to reload but I never got into reloading it. I now shoot a lot of trap and I DO reload shells. So I'm dumping all my rifle and pistol supplies. It's all in good condition and I scrapped all...
  7. 1oz load - switch wads or stay with current recipe

    Everyone, I am almost out of 1 oz wads and will need to order more. Here is my current recipe. Gun Club hull, 17 grains of Promo, DR Green Duster wad, Winchester primer and 15/16 oz of reclaimed shot (1 oz MEC bar throws light). This has been my reduced recoil and reduced cost load. I am...
  8. Reloads on the range

    I took some of my reloads to the range this weekend... I came home with all my fingers, and toes, and my gun in one piece so I would say my first outing with reloaded shells was a success. I can't wait to get back out there and use some more. I will admit that the first shell was a bit nerve...
  9. Which hull to reload first?

    I have AAs, Gun Clubs, and Top Guns waiting to be reloaded. This will be my first time reloading anything, so what would be the best to start out with? Thank you for your help. Jesse
  10. Midway Clearance

    Shooting Related Threads
    Just a heads up. Midway is having a clearance sale right now, it includes their ammunition and some of their reloading supplies. Federal Top Gun 7.5s: $6.01 a box or $59.95 a flat. Federal Top Gun 8s: $5.54 a box or $55.16 for a flat. Hornady Loader Bushings: $2.45 a piece Thousands of things...
  11. Benefit of Reloader

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but how much do you have to shoot to justify getting a reloader? I am fairly new to Trap and was wondering how much I'd need to shoot to see a benefit from reloading my own shells. Also generally speaking what is the start up cost for getting...