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  1. Remington V3

    No, the V3 is not a TRAP gun but it is the softest shooting shotgun I have ever demoed, which is important to me. It has a sporting stock that can probably be modified with little difficulty. The trigger is good (maybe better than that). The ONLY thing stopping me from getting one of these...
  2. For Sale Release trigger for 391 Beretta

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    391 Beretta release trigger, has bent carrier. $275.oo
  3. Release Triggers ? Remington 1100 or 1187 ?

    Hello, I am new this forum but I recently bought some nice triggers and I am unsure what they are exactly and I was hoping someone here could assist. I was told they are for Remington 1100 or 11-87 one is a 12Ga and the other is 28Ga I will post some pictures and can take more if needed. Any...
  4. Release Trigger Notice on Gun Requirement

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    Question?? Is it an "ATA" requirement that you have to have a designation on your shotgun that it uses a release trigger? A discussion broke out at the range today. mike
  5. KX 6 Special Release Trigger

    Are the parts and installation the same on a KX 6 special as the KX 5 and KS 5. I have a release hook for a KS 5 but I was told they will not work in a KS 6 special. I would hate to give Krieghoff $425.00 for the part and installation when I could do it with the proper part. I hope to get the...
  6. Want To Buy 870 release

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Looking for a 870 release trigger and a grip cap for an all American trap. Pm me please or send me in right direction. Thanks
  7. Caesar Guerini Summit Release Trigger?

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    Who installs release triggers on Caesar Guerini Un single? Thanx Mike
  8. Allems Release Trigger for bottom

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    Hi, I’m new to the release trigger world but I have allems release trigger parts for a Blaser F3 it was a realease for the bottom barrel. What is it worth? Honestly I don’t know, but I do know that they are expensive. Thanks, Seth
  9. Release Trigger recommendation

    I posted earlier, but the Bowen parts were not compatible with my trigger, so need some advice. Here’s the situation - I shot a lot many years ago (1996 was the last time), now with kid raised and off to college I’m wading back in. So over 20 years since I shot. I have an late 60’s MX-8...
  10. Left hand - release trigger, low recoil alternatives??

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    I need to switch to a low recoil, left hand, release trigger trap gun. Old age is slowing me down. I've looked at the Rem 1100 Competition but I can't find out if its made for leftys. Can anyone help with alternatives?
  11. Perazzi MX8 Release Triggers

    Hello... I have just purchased a MX8 that has a drop out trigger that is double release. I would like to return it to pull/pull. Is this something I could do or do I need to have a gunsmith do it. If I can do it myself....well...How? thanx Mike
  12. Pull / Release Trigger on a Browning 725?

    Is it difficult to have a pull (bottom barrel) release (top barrel) on a Browning 725? If not about what would I expect the cost to be? thanx mike
  13. Removing an Allems release trigger and putting it back to pull pull

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    Hi all! I'm going to be getting a Blaser F3 super trap combo and I shoot in college. Anyway it has a allems release trigger set for the bottom barrel and I need to get it set back to pul pull trigger. Is it something that's pretty easy to do or do I need to send it back to Blaser to get it done...
  14. Double Release Trigger for Holland & Holland -- An Uphill Climb

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    I have a very close friend, someone who bought me my very first high end gun, and who is a die-hard Perazzi guy. He's also purely a double-release user. I have been wanting, for some time, to return the favor and get him something special to add to his impressive collection. With what he already...