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  1. Progressive Press - Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on a progressive reloader will be used to roll ammo for 3-4 shooters. Which press would you purchase? If I've overlooked a manufacturer, please comment. Thanks.
  2. How often do you weigh the powder in a loading session?

    Obviously after switching a powder bushing or refilling the hopper, I will weigh several charges. Also, I've been in the habit of weighing once or twice a box and again when the powder hopper is very low. Is this excessive? I'm never in a hurry reloading as I enjoy it, but... So I was in...
  3. Loading winchester HS hulls in the RCBS Grand

    After much trial and error as well as frustration, I seemed to have solved a problem which I know has frustrated other users. The crushing, twisting, and other distortions of AAHS hulls has been the issue, as well as closing the shot inspection hole. Lol My solution was to take the crimp...
  4. Sold 12 GA Progressive Reloader

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    I'm looking for a 12GA progressive reloader in good to great condition. I'm OK doing a little rehab, but am not looking for a project (wife has enough of 'em to keep me busy). MEC 9000G / 9000GN is preferred Hornady, PW, RCBS - I'm open. I live outside Chicago, so anything localish would be...