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  1. Reloading
    Does anyone have a tip on improving/restoring the accuracy of indexing the turntable on a MEC progressive? I have an older 762 Grabber which produces great reloads, but it can be cranky and most of the glitchiness is due to the indistinct indexing of the turntable. I recently replaced the...
  2. For Sale
    Components sold locally. Edited add now just for press. Getting ready to move and realizing I haven't used this setup in a few years. FTF only near Cedar Rapids, IA since it's so heavy, but willing to neg. for shipping. $340 FTF Press: - Mec 9000G (pre-GN) 12 ga progressive press in good...
  3. For Sale
    Excellent Spolar for sale $1400. Tuned up with all options and extra bushings. Will ship in original factory container or local pick up Atlanta, GA area.
  4. For Sale
    For sale slightly used Dillon SL900 reloader 28 ga conversion with powder assembly. Simply change out head and no need to swap powder assembly. Like new, purchased in Oct 2014, loaded less than 500 shells. I purchased a second PW unit for small gauges and do not use this. All parts as new...
1-4 of 4 Results