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  1. Ponsness Warren 410 & 28 ga Reloaders

    There is a great deal on E-Bay for two 800 plus loaders & a lot of materials. It is pick up only because of the materials, but you Texas guys should take a look. I was considering it but just too long a drive from Colorado with this virus thing hanging around. You need to search “410 and 28...
  2. Spolar Gold reloader and primers

    What primers do you use in your Spolar reloader? Do Cheddites work?
  3. preimers

    cheddit in purple box the same as in the yellow box ??? they seems to be bigger.
  4. Old Alcan Primers Sur-Fire G 57 F primers.

    I was given a box of 1,000 Alcan primers. Anybody ever hear of them? Should these be kept for collecting? Are they worth anything?
  5. Factory Primer Colors

    Does the factory use different primers for different batches? I just bought a bag of Gray AAs, and they have 2 different colored primers. One is copper/bronze colored and the other is gold colored. These are suppose to be "once-fired" shells, but the different colored primers makes me think...
  6. Primers

    it looks like cheddite primers are the lowest burn rate while federals209 are some of the hottest. I see in all the books that is a load that has more pressure and is about 1000 fps faster. Does anyone notice the difference when shooting. There seems to big a big difference between federals and...
  7. Sold Pending Funds Winchester 209 primers... 4,400 each from a 5000 count case.

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    I have 4,400 Winchester 209 primers from a recently open case. There are 4 (1,000 per box) and 4 loose 100 count primer single boxes. Price for the lot is $100.00 plus UPS Ground shipping of $38.00. As a bonus, I'll throw in a 3-4 new Browning Invector Choke Tubes if you want them. I accept...