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  1. Citori CX/CXT POI question!

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    Looking in advance to choose a Citori , Browning says that Citori CX shoots 60/40 high and the CXT shoots 70/30 . Question is if this POI consider buried beads or figure eight beads ? i´m asking it because i like to shoot 70/30 , but seeing a figure eight ! then if it consider buried beads and...
  2. Are You a Floaterier or a Coverier?

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    It seems they are still two types of shooters. Ones who cover the target usually with flat to flatter shooting guns and Ones that float the target over the bead. The flatter shooters (least the ones I asked) said they want to know precisely where there gun shoot and feel you cant do that with...
  3. Question for K-80 Shooters

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    I have a question for anyone with a K-80 O/U and has patterned their gun. How many have had your under barrel not pattern at the same POI as the over barrel? I'd like to hear from you whether the answer is yes or no. Also if you needed to change a hanger or not. I know that Krieghoff sets...
  4. Covering the bird !

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    I´m braking my clays , but to do this i need to cover the bird !! And i want it floating a little above my front bead right ?? My acctualy view is a little bit of rib between my front bead and middle bead . Should i raise my comb (and my POI) to put it floating ? is this the way ? Thank you !