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pilla lenses

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    Hey ya'll, I recently did a post on what people think of the Pilla 50HRC lens. I am new to the Pilla world and buying my first set of Pilla Panther X6 with post and I am picking lenses. I was really liking the 50HRC for all around until I found the 42ED. After doing research this seems to be a...
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    on the market? I like the style of lots of visibility, but the $$ is a bit stiff for the Pillas
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    Has anybody had any luck with Pilla's lens 50RHC? I am in the process of buying a pair of Panther X6s and I am picking lens. I have two already picked out but I need options for a third lens that's good in medium light days or a good all around lens. Note: my eyes are sensitive, I don't want a...