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  1. For Sale
    Abbiatico & Salvinelli 12/28 gauge flyer combo. This an Excalibur model side plate/ side lock gun. Engraved 100% like a rose and scroll P gun. Gun was built new in the 90’s for a well known California trucking businessman and the trigger guard sports the gold initials. “J.T”. Barrels are 29...
    $15,500 USD
  2. Hunting
    I´m planning a trip to Argentina to go dove and pigeon hunting with my brother. This will be my second trip there. I went 2 years ago to Cordoba but flights seem to be kind of messy right now to get there, so i am serching in other provinces nearby. I heard San Luis has high volumes. If anyone...
  3. Vendor Deals
    Looking for the BT99 in an upgraded design. Golden Clays or Pigeon $2800 I have a couple of consigned guns. BT99 Pigeon with the silver engraved receiver -AWESOME If you are interested email, call or pm me Pictures are here. Browning BT99 Pigeon Grade (not Golden BT-99) for sale 2 Golden...
1-3 of 3 Results