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  1. Shooting Related Discussions
    Combine the rapid-action and recoil reduction of a gas operated Beretta with the adjustability and softness of a Precision Fit Stock and what do you get? A lightweight target crusher that you can shoot well into your senior years. Been playing around with this for a few weeks now - wow! It...
  2. For Sale
    Have a PFS with the ultimate fit comb and also have two grips a 725 right hand grip and a Cynergy wooden grip with a medium sized right hand grip. For the PFS I would like a $1,000 shipped the PFS has maybe been used 1500 rounds practically new, we can discuss a price on the grips of you would...
    $1,000 USD
  3. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I have an excellent condition RH Perazzi MX PFS grip I would like to trade for a similar condition Blaser F3 grip.
  4. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    WTB Precision fit stock grip for A400 XCEL I prefer just the grip. But everything is negotiable. Thanks
  5. For Sale
    I have two precisions fit grips for sale. $150 each shipped. first is a 680 series Beretta right hand Second is a Cesar Guerini right hand I know there’s two different kinds of Caesars so just make sure it’s the right one. First one to say “I”ll take it” wins the bid
    $150 USD
  6. For Sale
    Used right-handed PFS with standard and ultimate fit comb and Perazzi TM-1 grip. Stock has Trap Dude gooey pad that could use replacement. Also, someone sanded the ultimate fit comb down a little to make the radius less sharp. Appears to have all of the hardware for both combs plus some...
    $850 USD
  7. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Looking for a PFS grip for a Blaser F3. Show me what you got! Thx
    $90 USD
  8. Gunsmithing
    I am having a problem with a 682. After installing a PFS the o/u will not reset the trigger. I came home and reinstalled the original stock and the trigger reset. Any thoughts?
  9. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hi All - new to the site and to clay shooting sports in general. Totally excited about the sport! Have shot a total of 8 rounds of trap, and just bought my first shotgun (semi auto) a few weeks ago. Also picked up a used shotgun at the same time for my 12 year old son, so that we can learn...
  10. For Sale
    Up for sale is a LEFT HAND Precision Fit Stock with a Krieghoff K-80 grip. This PFS has an ultimate fit comb and had been painted dark brown and clear coated. Includes the stock, wrenches, parts kit for both the stock/ultimate fit comb, and instruction manual. In addition to the standard 4oz...
  11. For Sale
    For Sale Earlier generation (larger diameter rod) PFS Fits standard K80 and I assume K32 Hydro Dipped. $650.00 PayPal thanx Mike
  12. For Sale
    For Sale PFS with Ultimate Fit Comb for Perazzi MX8 Comes with tool and assorted hardware (that comes with it) The grip has been hydro dipped (see pic's) Completely adjustable. (including recoil) $850.00 PayPal works or me.. Thanx Mike
  13. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hello All: I'm running into a problem that makes me rethink the way I paint my PFS. I shoot with a golf glove on my trigger hand. This is to help me have a far more solid grip the plastic PFS grip piece. I grip it firmly, not a death grip. I have tried to shoot without the glove, but it only...
  14. Shooting Related Discussions
    Well I’ve convinced myself I need a custom stock, but with the gun I’m shooting I’m not really too keen on spending the $$$ to get a wooden one. I’ve been looking awefully hard at a PFS and want to know how it compares to a fully custom stock. I’m mainly concerned with gun balance and getting...
  15. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I am looking to trade my Precision Fir Stock for an original right hand adjustable stock. The PFS comes with the tools and instructions. The hand grip and comb has been hydro dipped. (see pictures) thanx Mike
  16. Shooting Related Discussions
    Are there a lot of folks out there using PFS in dobles with success....ands are you locking them out? If you are locking them out how are you doing it? thanx Mike
  17. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I have a Right Hand Comb I would like to trad for a Lefty. Thanx Mike
  18. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I am looking for a Precision Fit Grip with the bolt for a Perazzi MX8 Thanx Mike
  19. For Sale
    New style PFS with stabilizer and Kick-Eze pad. Kolar grip has been sanded a little on the left side hand grip and is painted midnight blue. $850 plus shipping
  20. For Sale
    For Sale: Precision Fit Stock with buyer's choice of either grip, both are right-handed. K80 or Blaser F3--stock bolt included. $950 shipped from the Dallas-Ft-Worth area to your door. Of note: 1) the tool case came to me broken and will be sold in same fashion--notice pic 2) one of the 6...
1-20 of 27 Results