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  1. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I have two Perazzi chokes, a 3 and 4, that I want to trade for a 6, 8, and 9. My two chokes appear to be unused. If you have gen2 chokes for sale and you’re not interested in trading, I’ll buy outright.
  2. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Perazzi no 5 choke tube old style for 1980 tmx
  3. For Sale
    SOLD SOLD SOLD Perazzi mx8 o/u barrel cut to 27 5/8" with complete Kolar sub gauge tube set, tools for tubes and NASCO All American Case. Tube set includes 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410 with removable choke tubes. All choke tubes release freely from sub gauge tubes with Kolar choke wrench. All...
  4. For Sale
    For sale are two briley thin wall chokes for a perazzi I believe. Both came with a mx8 barrel I bought 2 weeks ago and do not fit barrel properly; threads match but stick out roughly 1/16". Both chokes in excellent condition with no thread fouling. 1 choke is .005 which is skeet according to...
  5. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Looking for Perazzi 18.4 bore, flush-type screw in chokes, 3rd generation, #0 & #4. Thanks for youe consideration. Jon "jamsmotorhead" Ackerman.
  6. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I'm looking for a set of Perazzi MX gen 2 or 3 chokes for a 18.4 bore. Thanks for your help. Jon "jamsmotorhead" Ackerman
1-6 of 6 Results