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  1. Shooting Related Threads
    Hello TS members, Nick here. I’m looking for info about shooting a major event. I’m planning on shooting the Great Lakes Grand American in Mason, MI 2020 and want to know what to expect before I get there. Things like how many shells to bring, how does squadding work, cost of events, etc.? I’m...
  2. Shooting Related Threads
    I am new to this forum and relatively new to trap shooting. I recently purchased three guns from a neighbor who was moving; two vintage Remmington 870 TB's and an 1100. I also purchased 14 cases of reloaded ammo from another neighbor who was an active participant in Kansas City KCTA trap...
  3. Shooting Related Threads
    hello all! Brand new member here! Started shooting trap this past summer and now I'm hooked. Just purchased my first dedicated trap gun, started with a 1187 Sportsman field but upgraded to a nice used Franchi 2005 trap combo. I don't know much about the gun so some insight would be helpful if...
  4. Shooting Related Threads
    I am a brand new sporting clay shooter here, but not a new shooter, so please forgive my ignorance. I am looking for information about shooting this sport, I have a Remington 870 magnum express in 20g and will be starting this adventure with it. I would like information on what gear you use, how...
1-4 of 4 Results