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mec grabber

  1. Convert a MEC reloading press from the old style wad fingers to the new?

    Anyone know if it's possible to convert an older MEC press from the old style (orange) wad guide fingers to the newer (black) fingers? I ask because I just replaced a worn set with the only spare I have and, in trying to order a replacement, I'm finding that the old style ones seem to be out of...
  2. Improving indexing on a MEC progressive

    Does anyone have a tip on improving/restoring the accuracy of indexing the turntable on a MEC progressive? I have an older 762 Grabber which produces great reloads, but it can be cranky and most of the glitchiness is due to the indistinct indexing of the turntable. I recently replaced the...
  3. Sold Pending Funds MEC GRABBER 12GA RELOADER

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    I have a MEC Grabber 12ga reloader for sale. 175.00 plus shipping. Includes several powder baffles and extra large shot and powder bottles. Automatic primer feeder included. Very good shape, just switched to a .410 and don't shoot .12ga anymore. Would prefer to meet someone locally in central...