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mec 9000

  1. Sold MEC 9000GH with hydraulic pump $750+ shipping

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    PM on the way
  2. Mec 9000G station 1 issue

    The Deprime “pin” stops at the bottom of the cycle. It is slighty bent. I have used channel locks to bend it in the past. Do I just need a new one or is it ok to bend it on occasion? Assume this happened by having a jam along the way?
  3. MEC 9000 Hydraulic Pump

    I recently purchased a used MEC 9000, which was configured to work with a hydraulic pump. However, it was lacking the pump itself and the hoses. Even thought I did get the unit for pretty cheap, I was hoping to avoid buying a new pump from MEC for $800. Do I have other options? Would any...
  4. Progressive Press - Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on a progressive reloader will be used to roll ammo for 3-4 shooters. Which press would you purchase? If I've overlooked a manufacturer, please comment. Thanks.
  5. Sold MEC 9000E Set - Memorial Day Special $1,850

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    MEC 9000E Set Make: Mayville Engineering Manufacturing Model: 9000E Gauge: 12, 20, 28, 410 Condition: Used Asking Price: $2,250 (Memorial Day Special $1,850) Shipping: Prefer to do exchange FTF; otherwise buyer pays shipping cost Location: Walled Lake, MI Package includes: MEC 9000E 12...
  6. My forearms ache from reloading

    Mec 9000g . I load about 1 flat each week. Probably do 75 each time I load. My Mec handle comes to just under my nose. The loader is mounted atop a workbench. Am wondering if this is just an issue for me or if maybe I should stand on something so I am higher and almost pushing down vs. pulling...
  7. Sold MEC 9000 Hydraulic with Pump

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    I have for sale a Mec 9000h with the hydraulic pump. It is in great condition as you can see from the photos. It has the uprated 200 primer tray (if the buyer doesn't want it I can replace it with the original tray before shipping). It will come with your choice of charge bar and a few bushings...
  8. Info needed

    I have a new mec 9000. Im using Clays powder and its calling for 16.5gr drop with waa12 wad, waa hull, win209 primer. I'm using a mec baffle and the powder drop in inconsistent, ranging from 16.5 thru 17.5 when measured on a shot to shot basis. What is causing the inconstancy? I have had this...
  9. Sold MEC 9000 G 12 Ga. Local Pick up Preferred (Boston area)

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    * Brand New Collet & extra parts too * Extra Springs- Primer-Index spring & charge bar spring * Powder Baffle * Owners Manual * 12 Bushing * Charge Bars - 1 1/8- 1 oz.. - 7/8 oz. Location Weymouth Ma $ 295 I can also meet you @ Old Colony Sportsmen's , Pembroke PM me or call 617 908 5629 Jim