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low recoil

  1. Ok to manually cycle Winchester AA 20G 7/8 oz (980fps) in S/A?

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    I had taken my son to his first trapshooting lesson about a week ago. He had only shot 2 rounds of trap previously, and each time he came home with a bruised cheek, then a bruised jaw. He had used a borrowed compact pump-action Mossberg. I purchased a used Weatherby SA-08 20G Compact for him...
  2. Left hand - release trigger, low recoil alternatives??

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    I need to switch to a low recoil, left hand, release trigger trap gun. Old age is slowing me down. I've looked at the Rem 1100 Competition but I can't find out if its made for leftys. Can anyone help with alternatives?
  3. Low recoil loads or a hydraulic recoil-reducing device?

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    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and to clay shooting in general. Earlier this year I went to a local range and played a simple round of trap with a rental and then pretty soon I was hooked :). I've purchased my own shotgun (a used beretta 686 sp1 sporting, 12 ga) and I think I've fired...