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  1. For Sale
    This is a Ljutic DS-3 Dixie Special, there was only a few of these made. It has a 34" barrel, poi 70/30, it comes with a Ljutic gun case, has original stock. The precision stock that is on it now is included in the price. There are some nics on the forearm that were from a previous owner which...
    $4,500 USD
  2. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hello fellow shooters, I recently bought a Ljutic Space Gun and love it, however it did not come with any documentation like an owners manual. Please let me know where I can copy or find documentation around this great gun. I am in search of anything and everything. Like to add to my gun's...
  3. Shooting Related Discussions
    can you all help me date this ljutic? Im pretty sure its an older one. Can you get me in the ball park as far as the year. And would this be a good shooter to have?
  4. For Sale
    I have for sale a Ljutic Stainless Mono Gun. This is a very beautiful gun with exceptional wood. LOP is 14 1/4" Standard stainless steel rib - 33 inch barrel .738 bore Fixed Full choke - .034 (rings still intact) Pull trigger Kick-Eez butt pad Serial is 74S Made 1/18/95 and the factory POI...
  5. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I nead a new inertia lock for my ljutic mano.
  6. Shooting Related Discussions
    I'm fairly new to this sport of trap, would like some input on this subject. I've shot mainly pull but seem to adapt fine to release after a few boxes of ammo. thoughts?
  7. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I am interested in buying a release trigger for a Ljutic Centennial Pro SS, if anyone has one laying around? Don
  8. Shooting Related Discussions
    The factory told me they don't have any manuals or information about the shotshell reloaders they made in the 1950's and contracted out for production in the early 1960's. I have one and am wondering if there are any more out there.
  9. For Sale
    Unfortunately I have a slight emergency and need some cash. So, my Ljutic is up for sale. 12ga 34" Adjustable Rib Left hand custom stock - Adjustable comb Original neutral stock - Adjustable comb Pull trigger Release trigger Here is how it looks now: This is the original stock: I have a...
  10. Shooting Related Discussions
    I'm wondering what everyone's experiences have been with these platforms with regard to longevity / overall craftsmanship? I get that this is a First World Problem but, I have all three and I'm not in a position to get out and really drive each gun individually to create some strong feelings...
  11. For Sale
    Hi all, Pro 3 for sale. 34" Fixed Full, Ported, Mid Rib,Pull Trigger LH or RH stock avail - you're choice. Both with factory adjustable comb. Forend matches both. Currently has LH stock. LOP 14 3/8. S/N 40X Gun is in MA. FFL2FFL for out of state. Price with your choice of stock, Americase...
  12. For Sale
    34 inch Ljutic One touch in excellent condition. Factory high grade wood with adjustable comb and adjustable butt plate. Roll over comb. .740 bore with full and modified ljutic chokes. Pull trigger. Shoots 50/50 - 100% high. Really nice right hand Palm swell. Some cast off and toe out. Serial...
  13. Shooting Related Discussions
    I have a Ljutic Mono Stainless that was made in 1991 and I noticed that the action doesn't lock up that tightly and has play between the barrel and receiver if I hold it a certain way. It's not easily seen but I can feel the impact from the barrel to the receiver if I apply downward pressure to...
  14. For Sale
    Listing for a friend: PFS with: Right Hand Ljutic grip All mounting bolts Tool Kit T-Handle Pitch spacers Vic Tomlinson walnut comb Was mounted to a Monogun. $900 Questions call Steve Hensley 423-349-****
  15. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    looking for a high grade ljutic mono right hand stock. Wenig or the like. Would entertain a nice soft touch as well. Needs to fit a high rib, one touch.
  16. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hello Trap People! I just purchased a Ljutic Monogun at auction with a serial number of 114. I'm already debating whether to shoot it or sell it as a collector's gun. This is my first Ljutic, as I usually shoot Beretta or Browning. The wood is beautiful, with a few minor handling marks, and...
  17. For Sale
    Hello Ljutic Fans, I just purchased a Ljutic Monogun with a serial number of 114. I'm already debating on whether I should shoot it or sell it as a collectors piece. The gun has beautiful wood, and the bluing is commensurate with its age... so, I'm asking for your thoughts, opinions, and perhaps...
1-17 of 17 Results