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  1. Shooting Related Discussions
    Greetings, Recently I got into sporting clays and trap shooting and later this year I'll be in the market for my first over under. I don't want to break the bank but I was wondering what the left handed shooters on here are using and/or what do they recommend. Currently I am using a...
  2. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    looking for a TSK left hand stock with the long body tube. Need to get to 15 3/4 in pull. Going on a 686 but I need left hand and long more. Thank you for your time. Kevin Taylor
  3. For Sale
    Up for sale is a LEFT HAND Precision Fit Stock with a Krieghoff K-80 grip. This PFS has an ultimate fit comb and had been painted dark brown and clear coated. Includes the stock, wrenches, parts kit for both the stock/ultimate fit comb, and instruction manual. In addition to the standard 4oz...
  4. Shooting Related Discussions
    Just bought a new Left Handed 725 Trap based on Browning's advertising that the top lever is left handed. Opened the box and that is clearly not the case. I double checked the mfg. # and the website. Did a little google with no joy. I plan on calling Browning later this morning to see what I...
  5. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hello all: I am a left hand shooter who just purchased his first Beretta 391. It's on its way to me now. I understand how shims affect the cast and drop of my stock. SX is for lefties, DX for righties. The 391 stock has a slight right hand cast. Cole Guns has four listed: 42.5mm 40/45mm...
  6. Shooting Related Discussions
    I need to switch to a low recoil, left hand, release trigger trap gun. Old age is slowing me down. I've looked at the Rem 1100 Competition but I can't find out if its made for leftys. Can anyone help with alternatives?
  7. Shooting Related Discussions
    I've got a 12 yo that's a left handed shooter. He's just transitioning to both eyes and is changing his hold points. Since I am a RH, I'm interested in input from those of you who are left handed shooters on hold points; what you've tried and what worked and why you think it worked for you. I...
  8. Shooting Related Discussions
    Started about 2 months ago...I had a 96 average from the 16 (in Florida) Then all of a sudden I started missing easy ass targets... From stations 1 thru 3, the targets that are a little left of a straight a way. Not the left handers, the in betweener's Today for example I practiced because I...
  9. Shooting Related Discussions
    Are the hold points for a left handed shooter different than for a right handed shooter?
  10. For Sale
    Hi all, Pro 3 for sale. 34" Fixed Full, Ported, Mid Rib,Pull Trigger LH or RH stock avail - you're choice. Both with factory adjustable comb. Forend matches both. Currently has LH stock. LOP 14 3/8. S/N 40X Gun is in MA. FFL2FFL for out of state. Price with your choice of stock, Americase...
  11. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    My young lady is suddenly shooting 24's and 25's with Browning BT-99, its a bit heavy for her and wears her out with closing breach and recoil. She shot an Beretta A400, an A300 and 3901, all with equal success. Liked weight and recoil. So looking to purchase or trade. Any recommendations on a...
1-11 of 11 Results