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  1. Gunsmithing
    Building a dedicated trap doubles gun with "new to me" trap special barrels, and a trap special stock all mounted to a K-80 logo receiver. Fits like a dream to the receiver, but will not open all the way to load or cock. When fitted to a newer receiver or even an old K32, it functions perfectly...
  2. Shooting Related Discussions
    Crazy thing. Recently I purchased a 34", ported, full choked adjustable K-80 un single barrel for my K-32. After fiddling a bit I achieved the POI that I wanted. This barrel has two "pinch" screws and a thumb screw for up or down adjustment. At first I shot the barrel reasonable well and...
  3. Shooting Related Discussions
    I have read that a K80 barrel will fit on to my K32 receiver. My K32 is a made up combo with a top single. I am trying to purchase an unsingle and a barrel from a K80 might be available. If anyone knows for certain please let me know. thanx mike
1-3 of 3 Results