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  1. For Sale- Participating Members only
    I'm selling a used Kreighoff K-80 Barrel 32" Length 3" MAG Chambers #5 Hanger MOD-FULL Chokes 11mm-8mm Tapered Step Rib Will send additional Pictures if interested Asking $2,800.00 Less than 1K through it. Thanks for looking PM only please. 2HS
  2. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Used K80 30" Tapered Step Rib Trap Barrel with fixed chokes IM and Full. Factory beads. Shiny bores. No porting, no rust, no dings or dents. Has a little forend mounting rash and a little normal bluing thinning on the ears and sides. Nothing excessive. Very little wear on ears. This clean...
1-3 of 3 Results