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    Selling for a friend. Previously worn John Storm Jacket size XXL with Removable liner. Maroon color. These are great shooting jackets. If your name is Dennis, it is already embroidered for you. If not, put a patch over it. Maybe your 100 patch..OK well maybe a club patch. NEW with liner is...
  2. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Not exactly shooting gear, but I have used these jacket-shirts from Filson on cold mornings. I bought this one when my weight was different and it doesn't fit anymore. Only used a few times by a non-smoker. Great condition. Men's Medium. $40 shipped.
  3. Trapshooters Vendor Marketplace
    Selling Remainder of BISLEY Waterproof Shooting jackets SAVE About $40 over Beretta's SALE PRICE and more as MSRP was $159. My price on remaining ones in stock $88 with Priority mail shipping. GET it Fast, for a gift or for you. REMEMBER Beretta runs SMALL. See the sizing chart (lower page)...
1-3 of 3 Results