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  1. Hunting
    A few months ago, I went hunting for some pheasant and ended up storing most of it in my freezer. The other day, I cooked one up and found a BUNCH of lead shot still in one of the birds. The meat near the pellets was black, and I did my best not to eat that meat. The bird definitely looked...
  2. Hunting
    My friend and I are looking for a hunting lease for anywhere in Georgia ... Help Capt Frank
  3. Reloading
    Looking for soft shooting powder for field use in older, lightweight guns. Will be loading 1 oz loads for less than 1200 FPS. Have always used PB for such, but like other good things, it has gone away. Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. Hunting
    As some of you know, both myself (Foster) and dad have a huge passion for waterfowl hunting. We made the switch to the new SX Life-Size Series (Fully Flocked) and Lesser Canada Goose Decoys, and the results have spoke for themselves since we switched to these decoys! To be honest, over the last...
  5. Hunting
    First of all, I realize this topic has absolutely NOTHING to do with clays. But, that said most guys here are sportsman. Having hunted mule deer for 40 years I've seen the cycle go up and down but am now seeing some issues. Older bucks are lighter and not as healthy. Here's a link to a story...
  6. Hunting
    Alright, so I've shot a lot of clay birds, but no real ones! I was looking on advice on how to get into duck/dove hunting. I would also like to go turkey and deer hunting. I am proficient with firearms and gun safety, but other than that I am starting from base one. I just moved to Texas so...
  7. For Sale
    I've decided to list my Weatherby Lazer Mark for sale as it just gathers dust and takes up space in my safe, too afraid to scratch it or shoot it. It's 98%, I have never shot it, bought it a year ago from a woman who's husband passed away, beautiful gun. Could be a good long range rifle or could...
  8. Hunting
    I have bad hearing even before I started to hunt so I try to protect it all that I can. For the past couple of season I have used electronic earmuffs for duck hunting. They work well but looking for some in ear electornic plugs that could solve the bulkiness issue. Does any one have any...
  9. Shooting Related Discussions
    Help... I own several firearms (pistols/rifles) and shoot often but for the first time, I picked up a rented shotgun for some trap shooting off a Groupon discount and got the bug after a 30-40 percent hit rate 1st time out. Ideally, I want to learn to hunt but because I live in Southern...
  10. Reloading
    hi all, i am new to reloading and this forum. asking for some feedback please. does anyone have experiences loading #2 shot steel with AA hulls and the B&P z2 24mm hulls. i only ask as i am getting 2,500 hulls and 10,000 wads soon for a good price. thanks Ralph downunder
1-10 of 10 Results