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  1. Shooting Related Discussions
    I'm sure someone has asked something similar on this forum before.. but I seem to find a heck of a lot of tuition videos covering gun hold point in depth but never eye holds in relation to those gun holds. I'll concede a lot of them mention to softly focus out into the distance and never at the...
  2. Shooting Related Discussions
    I've got a 12 yo that's a left handed shooter. He's just transitioning to both eyes and is changing his hold points. Since I am a RH, I'm interested in input from those of you who are left handed shooters on hold points; what you've tried and what worked and why you think it worked for you. I...
  3. Shooting Related Discussions
    I have heard and seen that the hold points and aim are different for one eyed shooters as opposed to two eyed shooters. What adjustments need to be made to be more accurate and consistent? Are there any videos on Youtube that I could watch that might help? Jesse
  4. Shooting Related Discussions
    Are the hold points for a left handed shooter different than for a right handed shooter?
1-4 of 4 Results