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  1. Giving Back

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    Hey everyone! For those who don’t know me my name is Chase Horton. I love shooting trap and have for many years with much success.. ie 4 time all American, Grand American HOA champion, state teams etc.. Let’s not talk about the achievements, but how I got there. I was coached and helped by so...
  2. Release Triggers ? Remington 1100 or 1187 ?

    Hello, I am new this forum but I recently bought some nice triggers and I am unsure what they are exactly and I was hoping someone here could assist. I was told they are for Remington 1100 or 11-87 one is a 12Ga and the other is 28Ga I will post some pictures and can take more if needed. Any...
  3. New To Trap Shooting. Need some advice.

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    So recently I participated in Trap Shoot tournament for the Cancer Challenge(a local organization) I'm 17 and completely new to trap shooting. We had a practice the day before, where I felt pretty good, but the next day it all went downhill. I hit 10 targets of 100. I was pretty down about this...
  4. HELP! Can't reattach forearm on my Charles Daly Miroku!!

    Ok guys I'm thoroughly stumped. I took down my Charles Daly Miroku to give it a good cleaning. Just a normal field strip, removed forearm and barrels from the block. All done, trying to put it back together, and I can't seem to get the stupid forearm back on the gun! I've been googling this for...
  5. Trap Shooting Masters Thesis Ideas

    Shooting Related Threads
    Hello all, I need some help. I am currently working through my Masters in history program and need to come up with an original historical thesis to research and write a paper for. This will be the capstone of my degree work and I want to create a topic that requires me to research what I love...
  6. Help A Youth Team

    Youth Trapshooting Fundraiser Events
    The Reloaders for Youth Program has a 12 ga Mec Jr and a 20 ga Mec 650 available to someone willing to sponsor a youth to get him or her started reloading. We ship to parents, coaches or sponsors for the cost of the shipping. The machine is free. Let me know.
  7. First time reloading

    Hey Gents, been doing a few years of trap and skeet now and got tired of wasting more money than I had to on cases of shells. So my buddy went out with me and I picked up my reloading press and all the extras. I reloaded a box of 2-3/4 shells with 1-1/8 oz wad and 6 shot, loaded w209 primers and...
  8. College fundraising ideas

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    Any tips or ideas on fundraisers for a brand new college club team? We are desperately in need of funds right now but are a bit lost on where to start. We're located in Duluth, MN, so that could pose slight difficulties but we are a very eager team. Most of our fundraising would go toward...
  9. Youth 4-H trap

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    New to the forum, shotguns, and trap. What should I be looking for in a youth trap gun and how do I help a young lady get and stay interested in trap?
  10. Loose Ljutic Lockup?

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    I have a Ljutic Mono Stainless that was made in 1991 and I noticed that the action doesn't lock up that tightly and has play between the barrel and receiver if I hold it a certain way. It's not easily seen but I can feel the impact from the barrel to the receiver if I apply downward pressure to...